17 Ultimate Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

Your kids will love spending sunny days outside creating and playing with these summer crafts for kids and game ideas.

17 Ultimate Summer Craft Ideas for Kids
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If your kids are looking for ways to bust up boredom during summer vacation, then we’ve got exactly what you need! With our 17 Ultimate Summer Craft Ideas for Kids, your kids will forget about cartoon marathons in front of the television in favor of creating awesomely fun kids’ crafts outdoors. These DIY summer kids’ crafts are the perfect way for your kids to make their own wind chimes and outdoor mobiles or have fun painting flower pots for your garden. If your kids love drawing or painting, then our outdoor chalk ideas are a great way for kids combine art and nature. We’ve also included some great backyard games, as well, so that your kids can spend the entire summer completely entertained with these summer crafts for kids.

These free kids’ crafts are affordable and easy, so they’re perfect for kids of any age and fit into basically every budget. If you’re a troop leader, camp counselor, or just a parent searching for a fun project, then don’t worry! These summer DIY crafts and games work amazingly as excellent group crafts. No matter your summer plans, this list of ultimate summer crafts is the perfect way for your little ones to spend sunny days outdoors.

17 Ultimate Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

This summer, we’ve got you covered for any and every craft your kids could possibly need! This list of free kids’ crafts is perfect for long hours spent outdoors in the summer sun. With this list of DIY kid’s crafts, your backyard or garden will become the ultimate destination for easy kids’ crafts and fun summer games.

Easy Breezy DIY Wind Chimes

Turn any porch or backyard from boring to enchantingly magical with our list of DIY wind chimes and wind spinners! Most of our wind chime crafts are made with recycled materials, making these stunning garden decorations extremely budget-friendly. Kids will love recycling old CDs, tin cans, and bottle caps and transforming them into whimsical DIY kids’ crafts that add a touch of charm to any garden.

Summer Garden Planters and Decorations

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your garden or flower bed this summer, then your kids will love creating these garden crafts for kids. These free kids’ crafts teach kids how to decorate flower pots and create funky garden decorations that look perfect in any backyard. These DIY kids’ crafts are the best way to add a splash of color to your summer garden.

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