Chalk Rocks – Use balloons to mold this chalk recipe into the shape of rocks. So fun!

Spray Chalk – This liquid chalk in a spray bottle makes really beautiful patterns on the sidewalk. via Cutting Tiny Bites

Chalk Pops – Make a chalk popsicle (but don’t eat it!) This is fun because you have a built in handle if you aren’t in the mood to get messy. via Project Nursery

Squirt Chalk – Use vinegar to make this fizzy chalk. Mix them together to create new colors! via Growing A Jeweled Rose

Egg Chalk – The secret ingredient to this chalk paint is an egg!

13 Ways To Make DIY Chalk

Heart Chalk – This sweet recipe is adorable and easy to make. via Princess Pinky Girl

Glitter Chalk Paint – Your kiddos will love this sparkly chalk recipe! via The Imagination Tree

Erupting Ice Chalk – This cool chalk recipe will cool you down on a summer day and has a really neat effect. via Learn Play Imagine

Glow In The Dark Chalk Paint – Make this on a summer night and watch your sidewalk glow! via Growing A Jeweled Rose

13 Ways To Make DIY Chalk

Chalk Bombs – Fill up a water ballon with this chalk recipe and toss it to watch it explode! via Reading Confetti

Frozen Chalk – This one is totally perfect for a hot summer day. via The Kennedy Adventures

4th of July Chalk – This red, white and blue recipe is fun for the 4t of July! via Party Delights

Scented Chalk – Use your favorite flavor of KoolAid to make chalk paint that smells delicious. via via Learn Play Imagine

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